Bed Covers

Why Install a Bed Cover?

Installing a bed cover on your truck gives you a lot more options than not having one. Most of the customers who buy their covers  do so because they want one or more of the following:

Protection: A truck bed is a convenient space to have, but it can also take a heck of a beating. Even if you never haul heavy materials around, a truck bed will always be open to the elements. Sun damage, rain, and debris can all damage your truck bed. With a bed cover, your bed will be shielded from the elements. Also, if you ever need to transport something when it’s raining, you’ll be very glad you’ve got a cover to keep everything dry.

Security: An open truck bed can be an inviting place to throw your tools, equipment, luggage, and anything else you need to haul around. But what happens when you go out and have to leave the truck unattended? Anyone who wants to can simply come over and take what they want. Unless you have a bed cover. Bed covers offer truck owners the ability to turn their truck bed into a trunk that can lock and keep secure whenever you need to.

Utility: Ever use your truck to haul a lot of scrap or help a buddy move? How about after? Ever take your truck over to your in-laws and feel the need to clean it up so it didn’t look like you just hauled a load of trash? A bed cover allows you to use your truck for all that stuff you use it for. It also gives you the option to cover the bed up whenever you need or want to. Some versions, like the Extang toolbox bed covers or the Access toolbox bed covers, give you the ability to add a tonneau cover to your truck, even if you have a toolbox already installed. These versions come in custom lengths to fit any sized toolbox and truck bed.

Aesthetics: A lot of people buy bed covers because they look cool. The covers give your truck a unique, streamlined look that many people find appealing. Soft covers are dominantly black in color, as are most hard plastic or hard folding covers. Ranch fiberglass offers painted bed covers to match your truck for show truck looks.

Types of bed covers

Roll up bed cover

Roll-Up Bed Cover

Made of aluminum panel segments, the exterior surface remains rigid and locked in the closed position. The panels retract into a metal enclosure anytime you want to quickly access the bed of your truck.

Folding bed cover

Folding Bed Cover

Folding covers are two or more panels, usually three, that fold onto one another for quick and easy access to your truck bed.

Retractable bed cover

Retractable Bed Cover

Hardcovers that roll up into a canister near the cab of the pickup truck bed, making them extremely easy to use and get out of the way. The advantage of a retractable cover is that it can be operated totally from the tailgate, without having to walk along the side of the truck to open the bed. You do lose some bed space near the cab.

Plastic lid bed cover

Plastic Lid-Style Bed Cover

Plastic Lids are one of the most popular choices in a flat locking cover.  When locked, the cover secures the truck bed and prevents the tailgate from being opened.

Painted lid bed cover

Painted Lid-Style Bed Cover

Painted fiberglass lids are popular when the truck owner wants a cover in the same color as the truck. 

Low profile bed cover

Low Profile Bed Covers

A sleek, low-profile design.

Toolbox bed cover

Toolbox Bed Covers

Truck owners now have the versatility for hauling tools and supplies from one job site to another without damaging the bed.

Hard bed cover

Hard Bed Covers

Made from aluminum, fiberglass, or durable plastics. They are available in hinged, folding or retractable configurations and have the best security for the cargo stored in your bed.

Locking bed cover

Locking Bed Covers

These bed covers provide you with a locking mechanism built into the cover.

Soft bed cover

Soft Bed Covers

These bed covers are durable vinyl or coated fabrics.

Snapless bed cover

Snapless Bed Covers

Designed to be able to be removed by one person, without tools in just moments.

Snap bed cover

Snap Bed Covers

Classic cover that has a snap design to secure the soft cover onto the pickup bed frame.